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Facebook Ads Pricing and Packages | MagnaDM
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Your Investment on Google | Our Management Fee 

Upto $500 | $100 monthly

Upto $1000 | $200 monthly

Upto $1500 | $300 monthly

$1500  Above | 10% of Investment

In case of Facebook Ads, it’s mandatory to set up a Monthly Ad Campaigning budget. The Campaign Manager would be then calculating a daily spending limit for your Ads campaign. We would be just charging you a percentage of your monthly budget in order to create and manage your Ads Campaign. The services that we would be providing are mentioned in the Facebook Ads Services section of our website.

The amount that you would be paying us is separate and not inclusive of the amount that you would be paying Facebook for your Ads campaign. For example, if you decide that your monthly Ads campaign is $500, our monthly campaign maintenance fees would be just a 20% of your monthly budget i.e. $100. So you would be paying Facebook $500 for your Ads campaign and paying us $100 separately to create and manage your Ad campaign.

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