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Google Ads and PPC Campaign Services | MagnaDM
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Maximize revenue and achieve massive scale with Google’s ad solutions. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience or monetize your content, Google can connect you with the widest audiences across screens—worldwide.

This system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant. Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites receive a portion of the generated income.

Signing up process:

Once you sign up for our PPC campaign, a Project Manager would be assigned to your campaign. He would be asking you about the nature of business, the products/services you have to offer, the intended target audience you wish to reach out to, any specific location you wish to target, etc.

Setting up your Adwords Account:

He would be creating your Adwords account to create and manage your Ads.

Keyword Research:

Based on your products/services, the Project Manager would be doing a Keyword Analysis and suggesting you keywords that would fetch you high traffic volumes per month. Mutually, you can decide a bunch of Keywords that you would like to promote your website with.

Dividing your Keywords into Adgroups:

Based on the similarity and relevancy of the Keywords, the Project Manager would be dividing the chosen Keywords into Adgroups. This would facilitate you to target your audience in a better way by narrowing down searches.

Setting up and creating a Campaign:

This step would focus upon the naming of your campaign, defining the location you wish to target, deciding your Daily budget for bidding on Keywords, etc.

Creating your Adgroups:

We would be naming the Adgroups created and the content of the Ad would be written focusing upon the chosen keywords. One or more Adgroups can be created in this step depending upon your keywords, the no. of Ads you wish to run and depending upon your comfortable budget.

Creating your Ads:

Once your Adgroups are created, we would focus upon the actual Ads that would be posted across the Search Engines for each Adgroup created. This process would include: Creating a unique Headline: To stand out from your Competitors. Creating your Display URL: URLs having your Keyword would be created for better relevance.

Description Lines: To help convince people that you can offer the product/service they are looking for.

Ad Extensions: Extensions expand your Ad with relevant information intended to help convince the users to click on your Ads. They might have a Call button, Location information, Links to specific parts of your website, Additional text, and more. This would help improve the number of people clicking your Ad.

The relevancy of your Ad, the Keyword chosen to the product/service offered would help improve its quality which in turn would help get it better visibility.

Landing Page Optimization:

A Landing page is a single webpage that appears when a user clicks on your Ad. Optimizing your Landing Page would help us anticipate or evaluate the actions that a user takes on these pages which would in turn determine your conversion rate.

Changing your Keyword Match Types:

This ensures that your Ad pops up for a phrase or Keyword relevant to the Keyword that you have chosen to promote your products/services and prevents you from wasting your budget by getting irrelevant views or clicks.

Ad Rotation:

Multiple Ads in the same Adgroup would be rotated periodically to find out which Ad is performing better and what can be optimized to yield better results.

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